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Metal Cleaning

When it comes to metal cleaning, think KCM.


At KCM, we have more than 30 years of experience with the following metal cleaning processes:

  • Ultrasonic Precision Cleaning
  • Aqueous Cleaning
  • Bulk Cleaning
  • Vibratory Cleaning
Over the years, KCM has helped manufacturers from many different industries clean their metal components. No matter how oily or grimy their parts are, we have many different processes to remove even the toughest oils. 
With the addition of an automated ultrasonic cleaning line, KCM has expanded their cleaning capabilities to include precision cleaning of metal components. Using this line we are able to consistently clean large numbers of components in a relatively short amount of time. In our ultrasonic cleaning line we use a soup that is safe with multiple different metals which allows us to process many different materials using this line.
Another service we offer at KCM is Aqueous cleaning. Aqueous cleaning is the cleaning of metal or non-metal components using water-based solutions. With multiple different aqueous solutions at our disposal, KCM is able to clean almost any type of metal. At KCM we are able to handle lots of all sizes, whether your project is large or small we adapt to the specific needs of your project.


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